CollegEase Educational Consulting

…a guided path to college.

CollegEase leads students and parents through a customized college selection and admissions process using a supported step-by-step approach called the Guided Path. This well defined approach provides peace of mind, the opportunity to enjoy this exciting time and the highest likelihood for success in college. College not only establishes an academic foundation, but also cultivates a student's passion, growth and enjoyment. CollegEase focuses on identifying a good college match and fit by understanding both the schools and the student. CollegEase advises and facilitates the development of outstanding applications that accurately portray the student.


About me

Jessica Chermak
is an independent educational consultant who works with students and parents to maneuver the college match and application process. She utilizes a structured CollegEase process that lays out the key steps and time frames to college acceptance based on over 9 years in academia.
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