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I am looking for rising sophomore, juniors and seniors that are interested in participating in a program to guide you through the college planning process. At no cost, you will receive access to this powerful tool and ongoing support in exchange for providing feedback. Please contact me if you are interested.  

CollegEase leads students and parents through a customized college selection and admissions process using a supported step-by-step approach called the Guided Path. This well defined approach provides peace of mind, the opportunity to enjoy this exciting time and the highest likelihood for success in college. College not only establishes an academic foundation, but also cultivates a student's passion, growth and enjoyment. CollegEase focuses on identifying a good college match and fit by understanding both the schools and the student. CollegEase advises and facilitates the development of outstanding applications that accurately portray the student.

About me

Jo-Ann Beserra
is an independent educational consultant who works with students and parents to maneuver the college match and application process. She developed the structured CollegEase process that lays out the key steps and time frames to college acceptance based on over 25 years experience in education, consulting and engineering.
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I highly recommend Jo-Ann even if you are willing to do some of the work yourself. We were willing to work with our son to help him get recruited for soccer, but needed guidance for him on how to pick schools and submit effective applications. Jo-Ann stepped in and helped him select colleges that were a very good fit for him. They created a realistic timeline for completing the research, essays and applications. With Jo-Ann’s help and encouragement, he started on the essays in the summer, and applied to eight colleges in late November (early action). By January, he was admitted to all eight, with several offers of merit aid. We then had plenty of time to work on getting the best soccer offer and price possible. This has all been so exciting and positive for all of us! guidance has made the troublesome journey of college searching so much easier for me."
- PSB, 2012 Parent 
Mrs. Beserra's guidance has made the troublesome journey of college searching so much easier for me."
- NO, Class of 2011
Jo-Ann is knowledgeable, helpful, informative, delightful and fun. We have thoroughly enjoyed our journey of college hunting with her assistance."
- DM, Parent